Will it slow down my site?

Unlike most analytics programs, Advanced Page Visit Counter will not slow down your site. Here’s why.

Why it’s so fast

There are a few reasons why other statistics programs slow down your site:

  1. They have a large tracking script
  2. They have a large tracking script

If you use Google Analytics, your site has to fetch the tracking script from their servers. These external requests take longer than fetching files from your own site.

The time it takes to load a script depends on its size. Google Analytics script is about 35kb, and if you have other features like outbound click tracking, there will be more scripts to load.

Advanced Page Visit Counter runs completely on your site, so there are no external requests. Its tracking script is only 2kb and is directly embedded into your page, so there’s no need for additional file requests.

The tracking script uses the WordPress REST API to record page views in your database asynchronously. This process doesn’t slow down your site’s loading time.

If you compare your site’s performance before and after installing Advanced Page Visit Counter, you should see no difference. For example, Compete Themes website scored 100% on GTMetrix both before and after using Advanced Page Visit Counter.