Premium Settings

The Advanced Page Visit Counter introduces some exclusive premium settings available in its Paid version of the plugin. These premium features give you even more control over how the counter operates on your website.

With the Premium version, you can now block statistics counting based on specific countries. This means you have the option to exclude certain countries from being counted in your website’s traffic statistics. This can be useful if you want to focus on specific regions or if you have legal or privacy considerations.

Another fantastic premium setting allows you to hide the shortcode or widget from specific users. Whether it’s for special members or specific groups, you can decide who can view the counter and who cannot. This level of customization helps you tailor the counter’s visibility based on your specific needs and requirements.

Additionally, the Premium version lets you hide the shortcode or widget based on user roles. This way, you can control the display of the counter for different user types, such as administrators, editors, or subscribers. It ensures that only the relevant users see the counter, maintaining a clean and uncluttered user interface.

And here’s the icing on the cake! You can now hide all shortcodes or widgets from the entire site with just one simple setting. This means you have the flexibility to disable the counter completely across your entire website whenever needed.

In conclusion, the Premium version of the Advanced Page Visit Counter offers powerful settings to enhance your website’s user experience. From blocking statistics by country to customizing visibility based on user roles, these premium features give you more control and flexibility over the counter’s behavior. Upgrade to the Premium version and unlock the full potential of the Advanced Page Visit Counter for a seamless and tailored user experience.